Friday, 15 January 2010

Ciak diary

The new year has arrived and many new things will have to be started. One of them is a new diary. Oh, I could hop onto the Moleskine bandwagon, but I don't really understand what is so good about them.

I ask my wife to get me a diary as she was going to be in town, and she came back with a red diary, and I must say I am starting to really like it.

The diary is made in Italy,and it is handmade. Yes, Handmade in Italy as it says on the back of the diary. The cover is made of leather and is bounded around the outside in one sheet. It gives a nice soft feeling when I carry it about. There is a book tassel that you can use to mark the current page. One problem with have a leather bound like Ciak is that the diary cannot be opened flat. Some pressure will need to be pressed onto the diary if all the area on the page is to be used.

It a simple diary that has an elastic band that is locked into position via couple of notches on the cover. This simple mechanism is patent protected. As he elastic band is quite tight, it snugly holds a pen within the diary. The soft cover also allows the diary to mold itself onto the

There is a nice review of a Ciak notebook over at Black Cover, and it claims that it has a much higher quality that the Moleskines. Although I haven't used Moleskines before, the Ciak does give it a nice luxurious feel.

Firstly, the Ciak that I got is a planner rather than a notebook, as my purpose for it is planning, and taking notes. As I open the cover, the first page has four lines, allowing for your immediate particulars to be noted down. The rest of the diary are broken down into the usual bits of information such as a world map with time zone information, a calendar for 2009 and 2011, holidays for the major western countries etc. The majority of the planner arranged into a day of the year.

On each of the day page is simply laid out. On the top outside corner is the date number, and the day of the week. The body of the page are lined and are comfortably spaced a part. These lines are prefixed on the right hand side with some times of the day. On the bottom of page the week number is displayed. The way it is organised, each page provides plenty of space for numerous notes to be take, and events to be planned. It does not cramp the page with information that I don't really need. It is left up to me on how I want to use the page, but still has all the essential information on it.

Towards the end of the diary is about twenty pages with an alphabet index on the edge of the paper. This section can be use to store phone numbers or addresses.

I have used the Ciak diary since the start of the year, and I am starting to really like it. I augment the diary with postnotes to mark pages that contain frequently used information.

Ciak diary home page is

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