Monday, 29 March 2010

Asperger's syndrome resources

This a list of resources that I have found as resources for my family and I during our investigation about Asperger's syndrome. I will continue to add to it as I find more resources.

Wikipedia - Asperger's syndrome - Wikipedia has a definition of what Asperger's syndrome is. It
Wikipedia - Hans Asperger - An wikipedia entry for Hans Asperger who started the work into the diagnosis of Asperger's syndrome.

The complete guide to Asperger's syndrome - This was the book that started us off on the investigation of Asperger's syndrome. The language that Tony Attword uses is pretty easy to read, and he appears to avoid using many medical terms and phrases so the reader can spend the time understanding the texts.

Sue Larkey - Part 1 - first part in the lecture that Sue gave at a seminar for education children. It is highly informative and education for someone to start understanding Asperger's syndrome, especially in a school situation. This is a youtube link, and it should suggest the other parts of the Sue Larkey's lecture.

Internet Forum - A internet forum where parents of Asperger's syndrome children and adult Asperger's discusses anything to do with Asperger's. Free registration is required. It has a helpful section for talking about children with Asperger's syndrome and practical tips on how to react to them.
Toytown German thread - An discussion thread on a expats internet forum discussion how to deal to a child that shows signs of Asperger's syndrome or autism in Germany.

Tony Attwod - The author of the book "The complete guide to Asperger's Syndrome".
Sue Larkey - Great website with plenty of resources links to books and information. - A great online resouce for aspergers and autism, but requires a fee to participate in some of the website's activities.

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