Saturday, 12 February 2011

Becoming bankrupt is easier than you think

The following is a guest post by Caramon Khan of PayPlan.

Staying in control of your finances can seem like a nightmare at times. Controlling debt can be difficult at the best of times. With a static economy and rising prices many people ignore the problem and hope it will just go away. Beware though, do this and soon you could be facing the slide into bankruptcy. Avoiding bankruptcy and the stigma that goes with it can seem impossible. If you are at the situation where you no longer feel in control, take action. Putting together a debt management plan is a major and necessary part of that action

First of all admit there is a problem. Pretending that there are no problems in the face of mounting interest and charges is a perfect way to drop into bankruptcy without even realising it. Once you face up to your debt problems the issue of bankruptcy and the likelihood will become clear. Secondly, admit that you cannot keep control; there is no shame in that. If you do not, then the problem will just get worse. Too many people try to borrow their way out, thinking it is the answer. But, the debt will not magically go away. Last of all seek professional advice. Sit down with a debt professional and you will start benefiting straight away. If you feel confident enough, you can use a computer to make your own debt management plan. Although, if you have debt problems, then a professional will have more experience and authority when dealing with creditors.

What will a debt management company do and what is the benefit of a debt management plan? For a start you can get free initial advice and consultation. They will look objectively at your debt problems and see how dangerous they are. Next and most importantly your consultant will draw up a solid plan to manage your debt. This is vital, to allow him to approach your creditors and persuade them to join the plan. He will try to hold or freeze debts you have. Stopping interest and other charges is a massive step as it stops the 'snowball' effect on your debts.

A debt management plan will show the true extent of the debt problems. That clarity is quite sobering and a big wake up call. Seeing how close you might have been to bankruptcy shows how easy it is to lose control. But, it will also have your new month to month budgets so that you take control of your finances again. This will exactly lay out your new spend in detail. It will cut back on unnecessary items to allow a payment each month into your debts. The plan will usually aim to pay off your debts within three to five years.

Learning how to monitor and control debt, whether business or personnel is vital. Bankruptcy is not a fun experience as anyone who has gone through it will testify. A debt management plan is a sensible and practical way to relieve the burden and stabilise your life before it is too late.

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