Monday, 18 July 2011

Compact Calender Google Docs style

I have always like the way David Seah designs his forms and documents. They are highly functional and I really feel organised when using them.

The first form that I used from David's suite of documents is his Compact Calendar. Being compact, you could print it out on an A4 sheet of paper and mark it up for some quick planning.

However, it is relies heavily on the way Excel works. My home computer does not have Excel installed and I rather not install it. It just cost a bomb to use it. The main spreadsheet that I am using it Google Spreadsheet.

I have open sourced my attempt to implement the Compact Calender on Google. There are still some more automation required. I have only ported about 20% of the Compact Calendar functionality. If you want to improve it, pleas feel free to download copy. Remember to share your improvements.


Anonymous said...

extremely cool ! great work

Dai said...


I made a mistake.
I changed setting for sharing, then your Compact Calender see for only your self (maybe, I also can't see it).

I made a copy for my self.
Please fix for everyone except me.

I'm so sorry....

tehnyit said...

No problem. I have updated the settings so that it public to everyone again.

Grace said...

Awesome! I will definitely check it out. I've been using David Seah's Compact Calendar for years and have been contemplating how to adapt it for Google Docs.

You rock for starting this effort!

tehnyit said...

Hey Grace, thanks for checking it out.

Michael Kennedy said...


Seems the shared doc is no longer available (am, Aug 08, GMT)? I was going to implement some of the "Public Holidays" mods. If this is intentional, then that's OK. Otherwise, you might investigate, and see if it can be re-shared. - Mike Kennedy