Wednesday, 19 October 2011

final countdown to Cologne for WEBMU 2011.

WEBMU 2011 @ Köln will finally get on the way this weekend. WEBMU is a gathering by the expat folks who blogs and lives in Germany. It occurs annually and this year, it is in Köln.

It doesn't official kick off until the Saturday, some folks will be arriving on the Thursday or the Friday. So they will doing a side trip to Aachen. Dinner is Mexican, Köln style.

The first official event is either a city tour of Köln or a tour of the DOM on the Saturday morning, your choice. The city tour is with an English tour guide, so it is bound to be entertaining. The tour of the DOM will include a climb to the top. The view from up there is going to be spectacular. The afternoon is free with no set plan. After dinner, The Queer Expatriate Queer Expedition is on. 

The farewell brunch on Sunday will take place in Cafe Litchenberg. 

All the details can be found in this agenda.

It is not too late to join in the fun, make some new friends and enjoy Köln.

Thanks to Köln hosts (Resident on EarthMusikKöln MediaFutile Diatribes and Cheap as Chips) for organising this. And also to TQE for keeping a tradition going.

If you are an expat blogger who is currently living in Germany, consider joining the forum at


cliff1976 said...

Really looking forward to it — thanks for all your hard work organizing it!

German Gems said...

Thanks for your hospitality and hard work! Great fun.weed