Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Berlin or Münster for WEBMU 2012

OK Folks, the discussions for the 2012 edition of WEBMU has started in earnest. The candidate cities have been nominated, and there are Berlin and Münster.

So if you are an expat and want to be part of the fun. Jump onto the expat bloggers in Germany website, sign up and get involve in the discussions. The voting for choosing the city finishes at 1st April 2012, 8pm. Time is running out if you want to put your vote in.

Personally, I would voted to visit Berlin. It is one of the cities in Germany I would like to visit. Although Münster is a much nicer town, German wise, Berlin has more recent history than Münster. 

It is also the biggest city in Germany. Large city in Germany is quite rare. Most of them do not get much larger than 1million people.

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cliff1976 said...

I'm leaning towards Berlin, but I like the looks of Münster, too.

Thanks for spreading the word!