Saturday, 3 May 2014

What city do you live in?

In last few weeks, there have been one of the Facebook fads where everyone tries out a quiz or a survey. When they get the answer, it is posted onto Facebook for all to see.

I have noticed that the majority of results are saying that they should live in Paris. The website is at

I tried it and it say I should be living in London. (Been there a couple of times, nice city).

I had a thought to see how many other websites are there that do the same thing. Running through Google, I got 3930 hits!

The website at as no matter which answers I give it, I always end up at Brussels. (also been there a couple of times, and also a nice city). 

To give it a little bit of run, it would have been a good idea to correlate the answers with the other folks that took the tests. It could have turn out like this.

  1. The results came back that I should be living in Barcelona.
  2. The website could recommend that I contact a few of my Facebook connections as he should also be living in Barcelona.
  3. The website could also recommend that I send a postcard to my other Facebook connections who should not be living in Barcelona.
  4. Perhaps other fun connections based upon the answers you gave. 

At the end of the day, it is just a little bit of fun.

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