Wednesday, 15 August 2007

3 days in the house

We have just relocated into our new home. It was just as well we opted for some removalist to help out, especially the moving of the big and heavy items like the fridge, study desks, bedding and sofas. It ended taking about 6 hours for the professionals to do the moving. I think if it was us, it would taken about 3 days! The removalist were great, they were able to transport it without any hassles.

Due to other circumstances beyond our control, we weren't as prepare for the removalist as we would have hoped for. If we were more prepared we could have some on some money. The three main items that were really obvious on the day are:
  1. Put small items into boxes - We found that the removalist were packing absolutely everything. They were even carrying small little baskets, unpacked into any cardboard boxes, into the massive truck. Amazingly, when they unloaded, the small little baskets were in great conditions. However, as they were charging by the hour, these small items were taking up time. If they were packed into boxes, they could have taken a bunch of small items in one hit.
  2. Have large items dismantle - If your furniture could be dismantle, do it. It saves time on the on the removalist
  3. Have the removalist transport everything - By packing all of you items securely in boxes, the removalist could transport it in their truck. We were transporting some of them items ourselves because of our fear of the items being damaged. If we had packed the items securely, they removalist could have transported it for us, and save us the transport cost on fuel.
Previously, I have written about various options for moving houses.


Anonymous said...

I'm moving soon! Which removalist did you use?

tehnyit said...

We used a local company in Carrum Downs, AMAX Transport Services. Their phone number is (03) 8796 3685

Good luck with your move.