Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Posting comments as an "other".

While I love getting comments, I would also love it if the commentators would not post anonymously or as a blogger identity. It would be much better to post a comment as an "other".

By posting as an other, it allows you to specify a URL for your blog. Why is this better? Well, posting your comments anonymously does not allow me or others to visit your blog. Posting your comments via your blogger identity also makes it harder to visit your blog as well.

So next time your post a comment, consider it doing it as an "other". Share your blog with the world.


Snoskred said...

I think the best option when commenting on blogger blogs is to put your URL under your name.

Be a little wary about it on Wordpress blogs, because sometimes their spam programs won't like you doing that.

The reason I can't do what you suggest (commenting as "other") is I use google reader to read my blogs - which means I'd be logging out of google reader to comment, then logging back in! Not terribly time efficient, considering the amount of blogs I read. ;)

I'm reading you via the Bumpzee Aussie Blogs Community RSS feed, by the way. I'll be back in a few days to more officially welcome you, once I've done the update to the sidebar list. ;)


tehnyit said...

@snoskred, that is a good point.

However, I find it irritating that blogger does not hyperlink your URL if you type it in under your name.

And blogger comments does not allow you to use the hyperlink HTML tag.

Cristina Favreau said...

I use WordPress and I find that my Akismet (spam catcher) does a pretty good job at distinguishing the commentors' legitimate links from spammers.

I would be very annoyed if I had that issue on my blog, too.

Should have gone with WordPress!! :)

tehnyit said...

I should done a bit more investigation when I started this blog. I wonder how easy it would be to migrate to a different blogging platform such as wordpress?

Anybody know?

Andy said...

Good suggestion. However you can also include your blog name in the post