Thursday, 20 September 2007

These are just the wrong reasons.

The current news of a couple suing an obstetrician for giving them twins via an IVF program is giving me a bit of headache. Some of the details are in this article from The Age newspaper. The couple only wanted a single birth, but instead, received multiple births. My head hurts because of the amount of money involve, and the circumstances of the case.

The couple is suing for $400,000 and, according to the newspaper article, it would cover the raising of the one of the two children. Included as part of the $400,000 is $158,000 for a private Steiner school education. I don't know about you, I get a feeling that the figures does not quite add up.

Sending your children to the most expensive private school in Melbourne for the twelve years would be getting close to the $158,000 figure. The questions are, does the couple's children deserve to this type of education, and why should this couple be allow to afford this education for their kids?

My son is just about to become two years old. To me, he has just as much right to receive the best education as my wife and I can possible afford. I think the key word is afford. Affordability comes from money that you have earned and saved. Earning money though legal channels as this couple is doing is just a very nasty way for this society to be heading towards, especially on the grounds which the couples are suing.

On one hand, I would like to see this case thrown out of the courts as the reasons for doing it are just not morally correct. However from an education perspective, it would provide a rather high quality of education for the kids, admittedly, it is a bit alternative.

What are your thoughts?

photo credit: Eyup Salman


Louise said...

I was really annoyed by this story when it broke, I also think it should be thrown out of court.

The cost of education question is an interesting one though. I am always amazed when I read articles on how much it supposedly costs to raise and educate a child. They are usually so over the top! No wonder the birth rate is declining.

My two kids both went to catholic primary schools and then one went to a private school (yep, expensive!) and the other to a public high school (fees optional).

It was a case of two very different children. One would not have survived the public system at all. Too sensitive, shy and easily targeted by bullies.

The other would have had thier individuality, creativity and outspokeness crushed in the private system. They thrived in the public school and the mix of people.

In regional areas there are not as many choices but I do think getting a good match between child and school can make a big difference.

Affordability? well if came down to costs alone having kids wouldn't be an option, but I wouldn't give them up for any amount of money. They are Priceless!

tehnyit said...

Fantastic comments, Louise. I also believe that matching the school to your child is absolutely important, but I also think that getting the match correct is also very difficult to do.
Hopefully, by the time our son reaches schooling age, we have understood his character pretty well.

Karen said...

This is a lawsuit that should have never made it to court. Every single one of my IVF friends understood that there was a risk of multiple births for this procedure. A crack on the head to the lawyer who agreed to file this suit.

kitty said...

Totally idiotic lawsuit, but then they just want the money.

My first thought when I read it was: I'll take the baby they don't want and it won't cost them a penny. I am sure there are plenty of infertile couples where they are who'd be happy to adopt their "extra" baby. Everyone knows that there is a risk of multiple birth with IVF. They are just greedy.
10 years down the line "mommy didn't want you, she only wanted me. She just kept you to get the money"

tehnyit said...

kitty, that was one of my initial thoughts. How will the child cope when s/he finds out the reason and the circumstances?

I also get annoyed when I hear other parents called an unplanned pregnancy "an accident". I know that if I was a result of my parent's accident, I would be devastated.