Tuesday, 8 April 2008

CoPF #147 - Q1 financial advice edition

Carnival of Personal Finance #147 is up at MoneyNing. Many great articles, some of the ones that caught my eye were...

  • Wide Open Wallet - The pawn shop are thriving. This article gave a scary thought of pawning items that are financed. I guess when folks are desperate, crazy things are done to get money.
  • You might as well burning $5! - The $37 Latte. This a great article on keep track of you finances.
  • On Financial Success - Can we afford college? A good range of tips on how to go about getting a university/college fund ready for your kids.

My recent article on you are only worth at market value was also included. Many thanks to MonyNing. Happy reading!

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Mom @ Wide Open Wallet said...

Hi, Thanks for the mention!

Aaron Stroud said...

Thanks for the link and mention! I'm glad you found my college funding advice useful.

Margaret said...

thanks for the link sir! Australia is one of the places I'm saving to go to one day. :-)