Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Quick post towards the end of Apr08

I haven't been keeping up with one of my goals for 2008, that is to post at least articles per week on this blog. There are many things to talk about, like the inflation rate has just hit 4% today, the level of mortgage stress is at a record high and how the fixing our interest rate is working out for us.

Things on the family front and work front have been extremely busy. My wife is about half way through carrying our second child, and project deadlines are looming at work!

Hopefully, I will get back to regular posting sooner than later. However, if any one wishes to do any guest posts, drop me an email via


louise said...

hey where have you gone and are you coming back? I would hate to see you stop blogging, so I am hoping you are just busy and will be posting again soon. :)

tehnyit said...

hey louise, many thanks for the encouraging words. The reason is that the I have been busy with work and family. I hope to get back to the blogging in the new financial year!
By the way, nice work on your blogging ventures!

louise said...

glad to hear you'll be back soon.

Debt Dieter said...

I was going to ask the same thing as louise, when are you coming back? :-)

tehnyit said...

hey dd, thanks for encouraging words as well. I have just posted the new article for the new financial year.

Happy New Year!