Sunday, 22 July 2012

I think I may have Asperger's Syndrome

With all this investigation in Asperger's syndrome, it looks like that I have got a lot of similarities as an person with Asperger's syndrome. I have though my history of when I can remember, and the following signs are definitely Asperger's Syndrome behaviour. 

Typically, I don't really care for much emotional empathy for folks that I don't know. For folks that I know well, that emotional empathy is quite normal. This kinda shows that I have some emotional disconnect with the general population.

I am an engineer, a software engineer at that. Although I don't have an obsession with it, my interest is quite healthy.

I prefer to converse to other folks about objective topics than about subjective topics.

When I talk to other folks, I rarely look at them directly in the eyes. I would start to quite a little bit uncomfortable. I would usually talk to them with my eyes staring into the distance, and glanced at them on occasions. 

The question is whether I should go for an official assessment. I don't really know. What would I achieve. I am just making some sense on this. I shall let you know how I go.


Anonymous said...

Once I read the symptoms of Aspergers I realized I had it. I went to see a specialist who said, yeah, it sounds like you have it. It want what I expected at all. I wanted an official, yes you have it. But oh we'll. It gives mr peace finally knowing why I don't fit in and gives me a resource for finding more peace. Just syart reading up on it. It will make you feel better

Vinay said...

Chk out the aspergers association.. maybe you could mentor someone else.. Think how you could use the label to put your experience/coping skills to good use..

A Mental Health Support Worker

ian in hamburg said...

Three letters: shy. Maybe that's all there is to it.

tehnyit said...

@Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by. That really sucks that no real diagnosis were given. Keep searching is all I can suggest.

@Vinay. That is a really good suggestion, but we are living in Germany, so the language is a big problem for making this happen.

@Ian in hamburg, I did think that I was shy at one point, but some of my actions are not controllable, especially my emotional and my thoughts.