Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Cooking for the kids

Our son is growing like a mushroom, he just had his 18 month regular health checkup. The maternal nurse measured his height, check it against the curve. Guess what, our son's height is that of a 30 month old toddler! I am guessing that the food we are feeding him is OK!

My wife and I tend to cook him food rather than purchase specially made baby food from the supermarket, the ones that usually comes in a small jar container. We do it for a few of reasons, mainly we believe that it is healthier for him and for our hip-pocket.

One of our son's favourite and simplest recipe is fruit salad. This is simple, quick and very healthy to do. Not too mention a lot cheaper than the jar variety, especially if you compare it by weight.

Our fruit salad always consist of banana, catalope, watermelon and yoghurt. We also make sure that the pieces are cut up to size for his little fingers. He usually has this for breakfast.

I also came across this great blog at with many, many nice recipes from mums around the world.

So from a money saving perspective, why would you want to cook your baby's meal?

  1. Share the cost. By using the same ingredients from your meals to cooking your baby's meal, you are essentially sharing the cost of feeding the family with all of the family members. Typically, the baby will only use a small portion of the ingredients. When the baby is able to eat the same food as you, the cost of feeding your baby will probably fall further. That is until the baby becomes a kid and eats like a horse!
  2. Cheaper. Do the comparison between a cook meal and a jar food on the basis of its weight, you will probably find that the cook meal is cheaper, probably by more than 50%.
  3. Cook meal are healthier. Healthier baby means that there is less chance of the baby becoming sick, much less trips to the doctors and fewer medical bills!
Here are a few links for baby recipes

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