Monday, 7 May 2007

Staying outta town

The year's easter time came and went. As we are preparing to sell our house, it came as quite a relief to be able to take a few days off and enjoy some relaxation in the country. The family and I headed up to the spa country in the Victoria hills.

The spa area centres around Daylesford and Hepburn Springs. Being the busy season of Easter, my wife rang around and found that accommodation is hard to get and is also very expensive. We got quoted $140 per night for a 3 star hotel!

We try a different strategy and found a very nice hotel just outside of Daylesford in a small town of Bullarto. Bullarto is about 5 mins east of Daylesford. Its population feels like less than 10 people.

We stayed at the Pine Cone Motel. The service was wonderful, and the rates were very reasonable. It was at about 60% of rates of the hotels in Daylesford.

Staying just outside of towns has a few other benefits. Here are my top 5.
  1. The rates are significant cheaper than the hotels in town. We have see up to 30% difference in the pricing.
  2. The atmosphere is usually more relaxing and peaceful. In town, we have to put up with the crowds and the busy cafes, especially in a busy holiday period like easter and in a popular town like Daylesford.
  3. Your neighbours are usually friendlier. From our experience, people that stay out in outta town motels like the Pine Cone Motel tends to be a lot friendlier. Remember that they also want the peace and the relaxation that you are seeking by staying at the outta town motel.
  4. The children usually has big open space to explore. In outta town hotels, they are usually on larger properties with plenty of grass and perhaps some animals on it as well. The kids will love the open space and the animals.
  5. Improve the economy in the smaller town. The smaller town usually misses out on the economy generated by the combination of a popular period and a popular destination. By improving the economy in a small town like Bullarto, you are giving it an economic reason for it to be around the next time you are seeking to get away.
Pine Cone Motel is definitely a motel that I would recommend to anyone, they also have a room with a full kitchen. Extremely handy for a family on holiday.

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