Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Making it happen

As I was reading the other personal finance blogs, I was thinking that there are absolutely millions of advice on how to be frugal, save money, generate wealth etc, etc, but how many of you actually take the advice on board and act upon it.

I mean, all the these financial advices are good to read about, and perhaps it may have even caused us to think a little bit about it but unless we act upon it, we might just as well have listened to the opera. The net effect on our finance would be the same, zilch!

I have come up with some points that will get us going and start down the path to saving some money. Let me know if you agree with me.

  1. Make a start. This is by far the most important step to take. No matter how small of a step you take, it is still in the correct direction, and is certainly better than taking no step at all.
  2. Have realistic goals. It is much easier to achieve realistic goals that will benefit you than having a set of unrealistic goals that will only be a waste of your precious time and resource. Achieving these realistic goals will create financial inertia and confidence to tackle larger and more complex goals.
  3. Get the right tools. A carpenter would certainly not use his hands to bang in a nail as it is not the right tool for the job. This is the same for making it happen. There are many great tools on net to help you along. GTD among of the tools that will help you along. Check out some of the list at the end of post. Your tools could be as low tech as a notepad and a pen. Just list the things you to do, and tick them off as complete each one.
  4. Set aside some time to actually do it. There are many times that things just doesn't done because we don't have the time. Well, bite the bullet and make some time to complete these tasks. Focus on the fact that completing the task will be a step to having a better life in the long run.
List of GTD resources

Good luck!

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