Monday, 25 June 2007

Epic Journey edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance

The 106th edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance has hit the streets at The Digerati Life. SVB has gone for the fantasy theme, and aptly, this epic edition has 91 articles in it. Massive!

Among the 91 excellent articles, these are the ones that caught my eye.
  1. 1mansmoney presents some sound advice on paying your credit cards - I can sure relate to this as my credit cards debt was quite high at one stage.
  2. FMF tells us what he would do if a business makes mistake in your favour - For me, It would really depends what that mistake is and its ramification. If it means that someone is going to lose their job because they gave me the wrong change, that I would definitely speak up and let them know.
  3. Matthew gives us 5 simple lunch ideas for a lowly $2 per lunch - $2 per lunch is pretty good going. These ideas looks delicious, I am going to try a couple.
  4. Wallowgirl presents some excellent tips on preventing compulsive buying - compulsive buying is one of psychological problem for many of us, myself included. We see, and we want to buy. These tips are great. By putting physical barriers from buying, it strengthen our will to stop the purchase.
SVB was kind enough to include my entry on hanging out with other frugalists as well. Many thanks,

So grab a sword, and jump on board the argonaut and head over to The Digerati Life and read some of the fantastic articles covering many areas including real estates, retirement planning and loan management. There are more articles than an orc can swing a mace at.

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I'm glad you enjoyed my post. Thank you for the link.