Tuesday, 9 October 2007

7 random things about me

Thanks plonkee.
plonkee recently tagged me to write 7 random items about me. Well, here goes.
  1. The first car that I ever drove is a 1970 toyota carolla. It is green, and my family first car in Australia.
  2. Although I don't actively follow any team, my favourite football league in Europe is the Italian Series A, as oppose to everyone's favourite the English Premier League.
  3. I prefer to write with a fountain pen instead of a ball point pen.
  4. Every time I visit a South East Asian country, I look forward to eating some durian (if they are in season), or mangosteen .
  5. My favourite sound in the world is the laughter of my son and my wife.
  6. When I was 25, I backpacked around Tasmania for three weeks and it kick start my love of nature.
  7. My splin on my legs are bowed.
To keep the tagging going foward, I have tagged the following five fantastic blogs, (not necessary of the PF nature).


MoneyLearner said...

Hi tehnyit, this is fun. Thanks for the tag and would do this soon. Cheers!

The Digerati Life said...

Hi Cheap as Chips!

I have actually done this meme last week! So I hope that my post for that meme will count in reply to this one! :) Thanks so much for tagging me though!!


Andy said...

I like your blog and well written posts. Keep it up. I started an investing (with some personal finance) blog of mine a few months ago - ozfinance.blogspot.com. I will add a link to your blog from mine and subscribe to your blog.


louise said...

thanks for the tag, I get to work on it.

tehnyit said...

andy, Thanks for the supportive comments. I shall do likewise and add a link to yours as well.