Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Saving on citylink tolls by opening an account.

Like most major cities around the world, Melbourne had a massive system of freeways. Over the years, as the freeways are being constructed, the government introduced tolls as a way of recuperating the cost of building it. Like the Westgate Bridge constructed in the 70s, it was tolled and then after a few years, the toll was lifted.

The tolling system for the freeways were administrated by a citylink which is a subsidiary of Transurban.

The tolls are electronic, so no more stopping at toll booths and throwing a couple of coins into a bucket. They are several ways of paying for the tolls.

Usually when we use a tolled freeway, we just purchase a weekend pass. A weekend pass allows you to drive on any of the tolled freeways, all weekend. A weekend pass cost $11.30.

As we drove onto the tolled freeway, and exited, I realised that it may cheaper to open an account and use an etag. With etag, the charges are based upon you entry and exit points into the tolled freeway. With a pass, you can only purchase a weekend pass, a 24 hour pass and a Tullamarine pass.

Looking at my drive on the weekend, I entered the tolled freeway at Monash Freeway/Toorak, and exited at Burnely. It would have cost me $1.57. However, it actually cost me $11.30 as I purchased a weekend pass .

Citylink has a handy calculator to help you work out your traveling cost.

After looking back on your freeway usage, we ended up opening an account with citylink. Furthermore, I tend to be forgetful after I used the tolled freeway and incurred late toll fee of $10. With the etag, the tolls are automatically deducted from your account.

photo credit: renato cardoso

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