Thursday, 18 October 2007

Carnival of Personal Finance, #121

I should have shared the love a few days ago when the CoPF #121 was published, but I was traveling last week and has not managed to catch up. So, lets cut to the chase,

The CoPF #121 was hosted by Ask Mr. Credit Card. There is the Columbus day edition, and there is also an editor's choice edition.

Some of my favourite articles from the CoPF are:

Exjackly has a great article on How to live on minimum wage.

I hope that you enjoy these articles as much as I do.


Kyle said...

Thanks for the mention. Nice blog you have hear, glad I found it.

Paul N said...

Good blog, quite interesting! keep up the good work

Colin said...

Very nice blog, chalk me up as a new regular reader.

I run an Australian finance blog over at, feel free to have a look over and perhaps comment :)


T.Pettinger said...

Thanks for the mention, credit cards can be the source of such grief it we are not careful.

Greetings to down under!

Oxford, UK

Andy said...

Congratulations. My son just turned 2 as well. Always interesting to read your blog. Keep it up.