Thursday, 15 November 2007


Just a quick post to note that I came across citibook today. I read about it in the SIDS and Kids VIC newsletter.

It is essentially a website full of resuable discount coupons that you can print whenever you want. You can either browse through the affiliated business online or download the book which allows you to browse through it offline.

Citibook have two levels of discounts. The free discounts are usually between 5% to 50% off. The next level is the VIP discounts which will usually give your double amount discounts.

They appears to have a large range of businesses offering many discounts, from restaurants to car services.

By the way, if you are looking for a charity to support, consider the SIDS and kids VIC foundation.

Updated: Lisa Kennewell left a comment and posted the correct url that allow the downloading of the citibook that supports the SIDS and Kids VIC foundation. Link is found at

Apologies to SIDS and Kids VIC foundation for not posting this link before.


Lisa said...

Hi Everyone

If you would like to download the SIDS and Kids CitiBook the previous person had read about in our newsletter, please go to as this is where you'll find the correct link.

Lisa Kennewell
Marketing Communications Executive
SIDS and Kids Victoria

tehnyit said...

Hey Lisa, thanks for dropping by. I have updated the post with the updated link.