Tuesday, 20 November 2007

SIDS and Kids VIC

A couple of blog post ago, I wrote about how SIDS and Kids VIC was promoting a discount coupons books run by the Citibook. Since then, I was contacted by Lisa Kennewell to highlight some inconsistency in my post. She indicated the following
  1. The link to SIDS and Kids VIC was incorrectly pointed to the national group. The link to the Victorian group is here.
  2. The link that I provided does not download a Citibook that would donate some money to SIDS and Kids VIC. The correct link is here. Citibook does not have any link to SIDS and Kids VIC version of their discount coupons. The link is to the SIDS and Kids VIC version of the Citibook is also available from this webpage as well.
By the way, it is very poor form of Citibook to enter into a promotion with SIDS and Kids VIC but don't do anything to promote it. You can't even find a link to it anywhere on Citibook's website! The only version of Citibook that it offers to download is GOLD104.3 version. I wonder if Citibook gets a bigger cut from this version?

I have also edited the inconsistency out of the blog.

Many thanks to Lisa Kennewell to pointing out the errors.

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