Tuesday, 19 February 2008

I have just been rejected by PPP.

After reading how krystalatwork is back on the PPP bandwagon, and how PPP is working out for her. I thought I sign up and give it a go. It seems like a good opportunity to write a couple of articles and earn some money doing it. So I signed up via krystalatwork's referral.

PPP is PayPerPost. I essentially write a sponsored post about the sponsor's product.

Well, my blog was rejected. At first, I was rather disappointed, so I read the reject letter. This is what it had to say.

In order to be accepted to the PPP Marketplace, you blog must be at least 30 days old with 10 pre-existing posts written within those 30 days.

My first article on the blog was on the 16 April 2007. Since then, it has an average of 11 articles per month. Jan and Feb has seen 21 articles so far.

In addition, your posts must be dated and your blog must be written in clear, understandable english with a readily available and easily navigated chronological archives.

All of my post are dated as it is the standard blogger behavior. I believe that the english that I use is clear enough. The archives are also standard blogger behaviour, displayed in an easy manner.

Blogs must be made up primarily of posts that are at least 3-5 sentences of original content. We do not accept blogs with non-original content, blogs that have content primarily reposted from other sources such as recipes, jokes, poems, song lyrics or product reviews , vlogs, listing directories, blogs kept solely for pay, or blogs with mature content or excessive foul language.

My blog could be in breach of this as I do share the link love around, however I doubt if my blog is consistently doing the link or repost of non-original material.

Although your blog isn't eligible for the Marketplace opportunities, you can still receive offers directly from advertisers by installing the PPP Tools and PPP Direct badge on your blog.

I guess I should be grateful for this opportunity.

I get the feeling that because my blog does not have high traffic, they have restricted the marketplace opportunities from me.

In someways, PPP may not be the right direction to go on this anyway as it may show bias on the products, can anyone say "cash for comment?"

photo credit: Martyna Adamczyk


Debt Dieter said...

Interesting, maybe I should sign up too and see if I get the same thing, could it be n Aussie thing maybe?

tehnyit said...

That may be something to it being an Aussie thing. When I browsed the items up for grabs in the Marketplace, most of them are only targeted for blogs located in the North America.

Andy said...

PPP does work, sometimes it takes a while. Install the tools they say and re-apply after a week.

I am an Aussie blogger and here is a referral link others have used to sign-up : http://tinyurl.com/2995wq

I have 2 blogs on this program and it earns me about $30 p/month. Have to be careful with the sponsored posts as most of the advertisers are American.