Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Carnival of Personal Finance #140 - Prison Break Edition

Oops, it appears I totally forgot that the Carnival of Personal Finance #140 went up over at The Financial Blogger

Some of my picks are

I was fortunate enough for The Financial Blogger to include my update on fixing the home loan interest rate.

Share your support and visit The Financial Blogger for more fantastic PF articles.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for visiting and thanks for the link :)

Andy said...

Great links - discovered some cool new blogs. Did you notice a rise in visitors from being mentioed in the CoPF posts on the other sites?

I once got a reference from the Wisebread blog and got a 108 visitors that day - the most for me so far. You look at some of the American PF blogs and they average 100 visitiors an hour! Puts my record in perspective.


tehnyit said...


I have only notice a slight rise in the amount of visitors, probably only getting an extra 10-20 more visitors.

108/day is a great result. The most that I have ever had was about 40!

I really do envy the American PF bloggers that get those figures. I could never figured out why that is?