Sunday, 3 February 2008

top 3 referrals

I have just signed up to Google Analytics, mostly as to see what they are about. My previous way, and very simple way, of analysing any traffic into my blog is via sitemeter, and I initially used sitemeter as a glorify hit counter.

So what has Google Analytics told me. It told me that my top three source of traffic are, and

Let's have quick tour of these three sites. can best be summed by its by-line on the blog. It quotes...

This blog provides commentary on stocks listed on the ASX, most things to do with investing in the sharemarket, politics, the economy, and anything else that may take my fancy or infuriate me!

This blog has plenty of comment and analysis on various stocks listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. Personally, I am not interested in stocks, only as a casual bystander. However, if I was, I would be very active reader and participation of the blog and its accompanying forum. is a PF blog. The by-line on the blog reads..

My goal is to pay my $152,377 mortgage in 5 years: 30th June 2012. I started this blog to stay motivated and I would love to hear from other pf bloggers out there!

It is certainly provides an insight into an average Australian family on their day-to-day living, particularly from a personal finance perspective. I especially like her articles on money and relationships. Some of her comments are very enlightening. is a blog about the reduction of a debt, and the juggles of a hectic city lifestyle. The byline of the blog quotes..

Working hard to eliminate $56,722 of consumer debt and become debt free by May 2010...

The series of articles on her work perks are a fantastic read. It definitely shows what, and how work can be used not only to produce an income, but also use to reduce spending. The recent article on work assisted education is a great article, and instigated some thoughts on how my work can assist in my education.


Debt Dieter said...

Thanks for the mention!

I've always enjoyed reading you blog too, for the Melbourne perspective on things.

Not to mention I'm really envious of the name, it's so clever!

louise said...

thanks for the review:)
I like being able to read other Australian PF bloggers and what's happening locally