Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Lowest taxable income in metropolitan Melbourne

The Australian Tax Office has just released some tax statistics for the 2005-2006. Although the data is a few years old, it makes for interesting reading, in particular the data on personal tax.

One of the statistics that I noticed was that Frankston North has one of the lowest mean taxable income at $33,638 for each taxable resident.

We lived in Frankston North for about two years, just before we shifted to our current location. I must say that during our time in Frankston North, we can sense that the place is not a wealthy suburb, but from talking to our neighbour and the other Frankston North residents, the ambiance certainly does not give it that sense.

Living in such a low income area does have its concerns. We saw a lot of the typical events that you would expect to see. For example, we witnessed a police car chase in a residential street, regular thieving and stealing at the local shopping centres, and the occasional violence. We were always on our toes, trying to keep as safe and secure as possible.

Having said that, I am totally convinced that the majority of Frankston North residents are everyday people trying to make ends meet. I wonder if how long before Frankston North begin to move up the scale, if it ever will?

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