Sunday, 9 March 2008

I have just been accepted by PPP

Just got an email that I was accepted by PPP. I recently blogged that I was rejected by PPP for some superficial reasons. I was stumped and was about to give up investigating it more. The next few days, Andy from Finance Viewpoint left the following comment.

PPP does work, sometimes it takes a while. Install the tools they say and re-apply after a week.

I am an Aussie blogger and here is a referral link others have used to sign-up :

I have 2 blogs on this program and it earns me about $30 p/month. Have to be careful with the sponsored posts as most of the advertisers are American.

I thought, what the heck, I just spent a small amount of time and do what Andy suggested. Lo and behold, I received an email from the PPP that my blog has been accepted a few days ago. The only thing that I changed was to install the tools.

I guess my next step is to decide which items I want to write about. Stay posted.

By the way, you are welcome to use Andy's referral or my referral,

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Andy said...

Glad it worked for you. You'll find the sponsored posts will provide a more regular (albeit small) income. Should cover those annoying ice-cream weekend surcharges! :)

My 2 yr old has the same reaction to cars as yours does - the only problem is that he always wants to be in the drivers seat so getting him into the baby seat in our car is getting more challenging the older he gets.

Thanks for the mention to my site/ppp referral as well.