Wednesday, 12 March 2008

The upside of rising interest rates.

While I was doing some on-line banking the other night, I thought I looked at what the interest rate is on our BankWest account. It paid 7%, which I thought was pretty good. Hmm, I better check out their other products. Their rates on their personal accounts makes interest reading. Here are some highlights

Kids bonus saver account - 10%
Regular saver account - 9%
Children savings account - 6%

10% is an amazing interest rate. This account has bonus interest rates associated with it, but it has some conditions. $25 - $250 needs to be deposited on a monthly basis, and no withdrawal is allow. If either of these two conditions are broken, the interest rates drops to 0.01%. Oh, this account must be linked to a Bankwest Children Savings Account as well.

My home bank, ANZ, also has similar interest rates for their saving accounts, although not as impressive. Some ANZ's highlights are

ANZ Online Call Account - 7.75% for balances of $2000+
ANZ Youth Account - 4.50%

While I was looking through ANZ's interest rates, I noticed that the interest rate on their 4-year interest rate for home loans has increased to a whopping 9.4%. Their home loan variable rate has gone past double digits to 10.7%. Ouch! I think that we were very lucky to lock our interest rate when we did.

The interest rates in Australia has been consecutively increased since the first increase on 8 May 2002. The current cash rate as set by the RBA is 7.25%, starting from a low 4.25% in 5 Dec 2001. While I wish that interest rate would be on a downward trend, I am also glad that the banking folks also provide a balance by increasing their saving accounts, sort of.

photo credit: svilen murad
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