Tuesday, 15 January 2008

The economics of using Bunnings

It is summer here in Melbourne, and we just had a couple of days in a row that reached 40 degC. The nights did not get below 25 degC. It was pretty uncomfortable all around for everybody.

Unfortunately with the orientation of the house, our son's bedroom window gets a lot of the afternoon sun, which is great for the winter days, but not so good for the summer days.

We decide to install a pull down awning outside his window to give it some shielding from the sun in the afternoon. I went off the Bunnings to get the necessary tools and materials. One of the tools I need to buy is a hammer drill. Historically, I would spent quite a bit of money to get the best tool, usually targeting the Makita or Bosch or even Hitachi power tools. However, in the last few years, Bunnings have been selling extremely cheap power tools from China, typically the GMC or Ozito. For a comparison, the hammer drill from Ozito cost me $30. If I had purchased a Makita hammer drill, it would have cost a few hundred dollars. Another time, I purchased a jigsaw for an incredible $5 whereas a Makita jigsaw would also cost a few hundred dollars.

I must say that the Makita or the Bosch tools are extremely robust and reliable, and if I had to make my livelyhood from these tools, I would stick with the Makita or the Bosch tools. However, since I am using in a DIY situation, I may as well save a few dollars and use the cheaper varieties. I am not too sure if the GMC or the Ozito are of the same robustness or reliability.

The good thing about these cheap tools is that they come with a extremely long warranty period. The Ozito hammer drill that I just purchased for $30 comes with a 3 year warranty. So if the drill breaks down within that 3 years, I just go back to Bunnings, along with the receipt and swap it over for another drill or its equivalent.

From my perspective, it is a win situation.

photo credit: Dennis Bos


bunnings said...

I have to totally agree with you, Since i only end up using them 3 or 4 times a year i've found my GMC ones to be fantastic. The first one i bought was a dud but i switched it with them the same day and havn't had any issues since...

tehnyit said...

Sometimes, we need to just apply the right tools for the right situation. In most situations, those cheap tools from Bunnings fits the bill.