Thursday, 10 January 2008

Giving Aldi another go

With all the praises Aldi are getting from many of the Australian PF bloggers, we decide to give them another go. We tried their products about 1.5 years ago but we did not really like their products. I guess that we mainly tried their food, veg tables and fruit. This time, we are going to start with the groceries such as their cleaning products and other household items.

One of the methods we are using to measure how long it takes to finish the product. For example, we bought a bottle of Aldi's equivalent version of Spray'n'Wipe. The previous brand that we purchased was from Pine'o'Clean, and it usually cost around the $4.50 mark and comes in a 500ml bottle. Aldi's version cost $1.89 and comes in a larger 750ml bottle.

My wife got a permanent marker and wrote today's date on it. When it is finish, we can look at the date and calculate how long it took to finish the bottle, under normal usage conditions. The original bottle took about 6 weeks to finish.

We also wrote the date on the other consumables like dish washing liquid, washing machine powder etc.

After my wife finished the shopping this morning at Aldi, she was very surprise how much cheaper it is. We estimated that to purchase the equivalent products at either Coles or Safeway/Woolworths, it would cost at least $35. At Aldi, it cost just a touch less than $15. That's a $20 saving in just one shopping trip. Over a period of a year, the savings are very significant.


Bouncing Back said...

I shop at Aldi's here in the US and I like some of their products, others I would not buy again. For a number of basics (eggs, soft cheese, frozen veg, rice, savoury snacks, some cold cereals) they have got my regular supermarket beat and the quality has been fine.

A couple items I've tried just have not been that great and I won't buy them no matter how good the savings.

tehnyit said...

bouncing back,
You are right with some of the products from Aldi. The one disadvantage is that Aldi has only have one brand, or maybe two brands, of a product. So if you don't like it, there isn't any other choice to go for.

Anonymous said...

but do they work as well. Some cheap cleaning products don't work at all well, and you rub and rub and rub

tehnyit said...

We have been using the cleaning products exclusively since writing the article, and I have been quite impress at its performance. It seems to clean up the kitchen quite nicely.