Friday, 27 April 2007

Choosing a real estate agency...

So we have appointed an real estate agency to handle the selling of our house after a series of 'interviews' with several real estate agencies in the area. You think that the real estate agencies would give similar appraisal, especially if they are from the local area. We found quite a significant differences in house prices that the agencies has estimated.

So what was it that gave this agency the edge over the other real estate agencies. Let see...

  1. The real estate agent give a no-bullshit appraisal. The information that we went through were not dressed up so that we would list our property with them. The real estate agent went through out objectives and it mapped out a strategy that would meet our objectives.
  2. The director of the real estate agency came to the appraisal. For us, it shows that the real estate agent is serious about selling our house. This does no mean that the other agency isn't serious, but it certainly gave us the right impression!
  3. The director offered to send some prospective buyers without getting stuck in red tape. The director, bypassed any bureaucratic red tape, and offered to send some prospective buyers the next day. That is the real sealer for us. He really showed us that he has some prospective buyers in his books!

The bottom line, choosing the right real estate agent, will not really save you any money, but it may get you a better price for your property. With current housing market in Melbourne, it would be advantageous to do everything to boost the sale price of your house.

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