Wednesday, 18 April 2007


Food is one of those necessary evils, like sleep; if you don't get enough of it, your body will start to deteriorate. Eventually, it will break down and will end up cost you more than ever in medical fees in repairing your body. Just as well we enjoy eating!!

So how do we save money with food. One of the things we are starting to do at home is to eat all that is in the fridge. In the past, we would do our food shopping once a week, sometimes twice a week. A few days later on, we had to do throw about 10% to 15% of the food in the bin as it has gone rotten. That is like throwing 10% to 15% of the cash you used for your grocery straight into the bin!

To save some money, we are doing a few things.

  1. Eat what is in the fridge or pantry. Otherwise, it just stays there, gets past its use-by date in a few days time and then thrown out.
  2. Don't buy so much at the next grocery trip. This reduces the amount of the food just sitting around getting rotten.
  3. Plan your meals for the next few days and stick to it. This will help to decide what to buy at the next grocery trip and reduce impulse on buying.
So far, it has been working out well. The planning of meals also gives a better choice of meals as well. Delicious for the taste buds as we only choose meals that are appealing to us and more spare money for our the hip-pockets!

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