Friday, 20 April 2007

Uhmm...What do I do for lunch?

For me lunch is one of the meals that should be almost a full meal, but is more than just a snack. So from a money perspective what should I do? Well, when I used to work in Prahran, I was really tempted to buy lunch as my office was about 10mins walk from Chapel street. The amount of cafes, sandwich bars and restaurants were numerous.

Now that I am working in Seaford, there is only a take away food store across the road, and one further down the road.

To save money, instead of buying lunch from the local food store, buy the ingredients from the grocery store and make your lunch. Do the maths. For each day that lunch is bought, it will cost about $5.00, for a year, it will cost $1300. $1300 for lunch!!!

I reckon we could make lunch for about $1.00 per day, probably $1.50 per day. That would cost $390 for a year. That is a saving of $910 each year. Imagine what you do with $910.

Lets see
  • invest it in good investment like a good internet bank account like bankwest.
  • buy some very nice clothes for your children
  • nice holiday to the beach over the summer months.

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txdave said...

Internet readers tend to return to blogs with a focused theme.

They also like shorter posts, smaller bites, as well as photos of general interest, see wht I mean:

good luck