Monday, 23 April 2007

Cloth for baby....

Our son is fast approaching his 18 mth anniversary. It is almost a blur, there is just some much stuff to do for the little fella! When he first arrived into our life, we were really conscious of our finances for him, after a quick look, there are many ways of saving money on him.

Hang on a minute, I am not talking about skimping on the good stuff for our son. We still want him to have the best. It is more of using it smartly rather than just using it. Lets take a look at one of the things that can save money.

  1. Cloth nappies. We started out using disposable nappies. Mainly because we were so tired at his early months, but as our stamina grew, we switched over to cloth nappies. We tested our son on about ten different brands of disposable nappies, and the only nappy that would suit him is the huggies nappies, the most expensive ones! Around here, a box of nappies ranges from about $32 to $51. Our run of cloth nappies was for a period of about 5 months, until he physically grew out of them. He grew too fast! The way he is pooing, we were using about a box of nappies a week. So that was a saving of about $1000 dollars over the 5 month period.

More on saving for kids on later posts...

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