Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Freebies on the net

You can't get any cheaper than free, but in the world of the internet, small quantities can be obtained for free. I mean, as an individual, small quantity of some things is still very usable. Every now and then, a pen get send out from Stablio or some new soap gets delivered. It all gets used up, saves me buying it in the future.

After a quick search on the net, I found many websites promising a free plasma TV or a obligatory iPod. As they said there is not such thing as a free lunch, well a free banquet anyway. The guys giving away the TV or iPod requires you to recommend 10 other email addresses, and also for you to sign up on at least one service like a credit card or DVD rental service. No thanks!

Here are my top 2 places where I found the most reliable information on free stuff on the net.

  1. The Freebies Blog - An Australian blog on what's free
  2. A Whirlpool thread on freebie.
The whirlpool thread is a surprise as the wealth of information on just from a thread.

Of course, you could also try google to find some of the freebies on the net, good luck on shifting through which one is the real freebie.

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