Wednesday, 4 July 2007

All that money, but are you really happy?

I just read an article in The Age newspaper, " Power and Money". It is about how the perpetual battle between Melbourne and Sydney. In this case, it is about the amount of money that is being controlled in Melbourne by a few people. I must say that the money astounds me. Let me just list the top four for you.
  1. Ahmed Fahour, CE, NAB - $420 billion
  2. Brian Hartzer, Group GM, ANZ - $203 billion
  3. Paul Castello, GM, Future Fund - $51 billion
  4. Syd Borne, CE, VFMC - $40 billion
These four people controls a total of $714 billion dollars. I shudder to think about what other wealthier cities such as London, New York or Tokyo.

With all this money around, I start to think how much is enough.  It is refreshing to hear what Ahmed said

What really matters is your family, friends, society and the environment.

He goes to say that who are happiest at those who does not have too much money but also enough to pay the bills and sustain comfortable living. I think that his poor immigrant family background give weight to his observations, and it tends to agree with I have also noticed.

An article over at discusses any correlation between happiness and money. Not that money is important in scheme of things, it just that money is use to bring that things that create happiness, or bring sadness and disappointment. Money is a double edge sword. If you don't know what to do with it, you may as well not have it at all.

How much money would make you happy?

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