Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Post-it notes to the rescue.

I was thinking of a way of making my daily debts stand out more during my day to day dealings, mainly to avoid the out-of-sight, out-of-mind syndrome. If I can just have a very quick summary in front of me at my desk, then I will be aware of it.

I found the solution sitting on my wife's desk yesterday. It is a pad of post it notes.

Our debts are mainly made up of credit card and the mortgage. So every couple of days, I would do the following
  1. Write a quick summary of the current balances of the debts on a post it note, along with the date on top of the note.
  2. Add it up
  3. Stick it over the top of the other post-it notes.
I would positioned these post it notes just under my computer monitor so that I can just see it my peripheral vision. I think that if it is in my direct vision, I would miss it as I would make an effort to ignore it.

I know that the real solution to this type of problem is to use something like Quicken, but I just want something quick and easy. Post-it notes seems to fit the bill.

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