Monday, 23 July 2007

Random Advice

This is the last article is a series of articles about various sources of advices. Previously, I talked about advice from trusted source and advice from friends. This article explores random advice.

I think the idea of random advice may seem strange. What exactly is random advice? For me, random advice is advice that you get from source least expected. These random advice may surface when you least expected, but sometimes it is difficult to identify a random advice. The characteristics are random advice are
  1. when you least expected
  2. difficult to identify
  3. not immediately applicable
What makes these advice random is that it is advice that we get is unsolicited. I usually find this random advice while I am reading magazine on totally unrelated topics, but somehow, the ideas that I get out of the magazines could be applied financially. I also find reading totally unrelated blogs also brings out ideas and insights that could be applied in financial situations.

The amount of random advice that I receive is extremely small, but it is usually valuable as it applies ideas from a totally different domain.

The application of a random advice is also difficult to gauge. As the advice is random, the situation to apply it is usually also random. I think that the advice needs to be just kept in the back of your mind and be aware of it. When the right situation arises, you will have some ammunition to tackle it.

That is the end of the series of articles on advice. If you have enjoyed these articles, or have some feedback on these articles. Let me know about them in the comment section.


Kay Asher said...

I never thought about finding financial advice through other topics. I guess it wouldn't work if I went looking for it, but I'm definately going to keep my eyes peeled from now on!

tehnyit said...

@kay, thanks for dropping by.

Financial advice appears in many places and in dfferent forms. Look around and you will really be surprise on where it comes from!