Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Carnival of Money Stories, 16th edition

I have just participated in the Carnival of Money Stories over at My New Choice. It is the 16th edition. This carnival is focused upon personal finance stories with a personal story or experience focus. It gives personal finance a human spin.

A couple of the interesting stories among the carnival are
  1. Buying a car with credit card - Marc and Angel has an interesting article. I think that this is only for someone with plenty of discipline and forward planning, it could pay-off.
  2. Planning for retirement in your 20s - Money and Such have some wise ideas for someone in their 20s wishing to ensure that their retirement finances are in the right state.
My article on To buy or not to buy in the city was also included in the carnival.

Get over to My New Choice and check the rest of the articles. Happy reading!

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My New Choice said...

Thanks for spreading the word about the carnival and selecting out a few of your favorites!